Nakhon Phanom Royal Thai Air Force Base (NKP RTAFB), Thailand was located approximately 350 miles northeast of Bangkok. The installation was operated continuously from the early 1960s to approximately 1976. From this location, personnel supported several U.S. Agencies in conducting what became known as "The Secret War". The dangerous missions, carried out in Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam resulted in many aircraft and personnel being lost. The installation, known simply as NKP, or Naked Fanny is gone. Today it is the airport for the city of Nakhon, Phanom, Thailand. This website will give you a glimpse into the Secret War, and the world of Special Operations.

Vietnam Service Medal Vietnam Gallantry Cross with Palm Vietnam Campaign Medal

Len Kaplan, former MACV-SOG, stopped by and bought a book. Len was with Heavy Hook in 1969-70.

Buy and Read my New Book. New price for book is $16.00

Bee Cohen (Red Jacket) Age 102 stopped by to see me. Bee was in WW2 and her husband was a POW in that war. Quite a lady.

It was my great pleasure to meet and get to know, Bob Friend who was one of the Tuskegee Airmen. He was a Red Tail Pilot. Bob is in his early 90's, but you would never know it. He is a true gentleman. I see Bob at least once a week at the Los Angeles AFB, CA Exchange.

Book Reviews

Doug Todd, U.S. Marines-Vietnam. I received the book today and I am more than pleased. I want to compliment you on the extraordinarily professional job on the book. 03/19/2012

Greg Wyatt, Carthage, CO. Said, "Great Book, Enjoying the hell out of it".

USAF Lt. Col. Johnny M. Vergis (Retired) Air Force Office of Special Investigations said... I was very impressed with your detailed account of unlocking the secrets of the Secret War. You have enlightened me with your discoveries and research.

Richard (Rick) Law, International Counter-intelligence Specialist said.... Well Done Billy, your book is complete, thoroughly researched, and tells the story in a coherent and artful way. Thanks.

John Parker, former Air Commando and Secret War veteran said.... I have to say well-done. Your book is the most complete work on the subject that I have seen.

Jim (Dutch) Treat, former Air Commando and Secret War veteran said.... The book, "Secret War" is a must-read for anyone who served in Southeast Asia. Thanks for the opportunity to experience fantastic reading.

Jim Burns, former Air Commando and webmaster for said.... Wow!!, this one great work and I can't tell you how much it has helped me understand, not only the history leading up to the Secret War, but missions I was personally involved with in 1969-1970 moving troops into Landing Zones in Laos. It was a great read.

Gunner 47 said...As a former "Air Commando"... USAF Special Ops and one that did SERVE WITH PRIDE in these operations from OUR HOME base of N.K.P. Thailand (AKA NAKED FANNY), I can say this book is well written and goes into the most detail that has been done,, so far. WELL DONE Billy WEBB!

Chuck said...On March 30 2012, my father passed away at the age of 81. We were able to send him on his last mission to the sky a week later in his flight suit with the Tactical Air Command patch on his chest. An Honor Guard comprised of fellow Vietnam vets along with my uncles who were all pilots themselves were there and donned their flight suits as his pall bearers to send him off. My father, like the previous reviewers, was a fellow Air Commando who flew recon FAC missions in the early 60's with the Ravens as a Butterfly and ended his career as a AC-47 Spooky/"Puff" Flight Engineer and Co-pilot in the Royal Laos Air Force. He received all of his training here in the U.S. in San Antonio, TX in 1967 and was finally given his formal U.S. Military benefits in 1995 after the "Secret" was finally out of the bag by the mid-90's.

Thank you for your service in the USAF Mr. Webb and for allowing me, a greatful son to have a resource on the history of this secret war. This war caused my parents to make the hard choice to leave their homeland that they had fought for and lost to come and raise their family here in America. I grew up not learning very much from my father or uncles, and only learned his and their full history and life of service after he passed away. I served in the U.S. Army in an aviation unit, graduated from college, worked in the corporate world and then served in law enforcement, I am now a Special Education and Social Studies high school teacher. When I reach the Vietnam war unit, I always share the total scope of this war including Laos to my students...they are never disappointed because of my connection to this chapter in our history, both my Laotian and American history. Again thank you for a great book Mr. Webb.

Bill V Said...This book confuses individual and limited insights with a more global picture of US and communist deception. The implication that Lao forces 'pledged their ... sacred honor' is misleading. Many Lao generals led from the rear and fought to protect their wealth and petty empires - often based on the control of opium. The CIA too often colluded in these efforts. The 2,000,000 tons of US Secret Warbombs dropped on an unsuspecting rural nation is never explained nor is the legacy of these bombs. This book presents a gung-ho, partial view of a war that was deliberately hidden.

Larry Clum said....Having been a participant in the Secret War, I was fascinated by the detail of this conflict from the early 1950's to the final curtain of this strange and I believe unique war. I knew some of the characters that played major rolls in our finally futile attempt to save these kind, beautiful, peaceful people and the exotic, gorgeous land they love so much. I met VP , Tony Poe. G. M Godley, Fred (Magnet Ass) Platt & many others in my short time there......all Heros. I left part of my heart in that country and this book by Mr. Webb is the bench mark as far as I am concerned on how the war was conducted and how all the players interacted. Thank you Billy Webb.

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